About Us

Who We Are

Leanne has been part of the Jewellery Industry for approximately 12 years. She first started working in a casting house and grew in the company. Her love and passion for Jewellery grew immensely over the years. She decided to pursue her dreams in jewellery and completed her Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Design!

Leanne has also gained tremendous skill in CAD (Computer Aided Design). Whether it is a simple design or intricate,  we can create that special and unique jewellery piece just for you!

At LM Jewellery Design, we have a deep love for coloured gemstones. We believe it is important to gain more knowledge of semi-precious stones which is why we are proud members of IGS (International Gem Society). Leanne is currently training to be a qualified Gemmologist!

At LM Jewellery Design, we pride ourselves in creating beautiful & precious jewellery for you and your loved ones.
Whether it is something we have or a custom design piece, we will cater to all your jewellery needs.
Browse through our products and experience shopping with LM Jewellery Design for yourself.

Please email info@lmjewellerydesign.com.au for any custom designs or modifications on our existing Jewellery pieces.

Please donโ€™t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.